Leadership Exploration

This course is for Year 8 students with a focus on developing students’ independence and environmental leadership skills.

Growing young leaders at Whenua Iti Outdoors centres around a relationship-based kaupapa to encourage participation and connection to the world around us. Our educators will mentor participants using an environmental focus, assisting them in their development of essential personal and social skills and competencies that transfer to everyday self-management, and sets the foundations of what are the essential skills they will need in the future.

Programme Structure

Students will complete a range of personal and group challenge activities. This will include a number of WIO on-site high element activities, for example; low or high ropes course, trapeze, flying kiore, or tower climbing.

On one of the four days students will contribute to a community environmental service project which is likely to be off-site. If you want students to be involved in an existing school service project please ask.

Learning Objectives

During this course students will have the opportunity to:

  • Build on leadership skills through enhanced personal and social skills
  • Be positive about who they are and what they can offer
  • Make independent choices
  • Identify ways to contribute to school and community initiatives
  • Be empowered to take on leadership roles
  • Develop positive communication skills

NZ Curriculum Links

Health and Physical Education – Level 4

  • Personal Health and Physical Development – A1, A3, A4
  • Relationships with Other People – B1, B2, B3, B4
  • Movement Concepts and Motor Skills – C1, C2, C3

Key Competencies:

Thinking | Using Language | Managing Self | Relating to Others |Participating and Contributing

Post Course Activity

It is recommended that students contribute and lead others within a community environmental service project, this could be part of an existing school service project.

It was a great course to build leadership skills and become more independent. I was brave and proud of myself – Year 8 Student

Further resources

| Nature Connection | View our range of pre or post course activities

Key Components:

  • Adventure
  • Environment
  • Nature Connection

Open to:

Year 8 Students


4 days


9.30am - 2.30pm


3 days on-site at WIO, 1 day off-site


$75* (inc.gst) per student
*subsidised by MYD, Unlocking Curious Minds, WIO, Kaimahi for Nature Connection (KFNC) 


Please enquire for other opportunities available.


Students must be at least 12 years of age at the programme start date for the MYD subsidy to apply.



Qualified Instructors

You're in safe hands. Our friendly & highly professional instructors are all industry qualified for a wide range of activities.


NZQA Qualified and NCEA Aligned

We are NZQA accredited, can offer NCEA Level 1-3 assessments and all programmes align with the NZ Curriculum key competencies.


Safety Accredited

We put safety first. We are a registered provider of Adventure Activities with Worksafe NZ, and are Safety audit certified with OutdoorsMark.

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