Measuring Our Impact

Whenua Iti Outdoors uses the outdoor environment as a medium for challenge and personal growth to achieve our vision of "Experiential Learning inspiring positive change."

We know these benefits are holistic and wide ranging and we strive towards a space where access to these experiences are available to, and valued by all. But how do we measure and evaluate these impacts? And how do we know they are long lasting?

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Learn about how we measured our social impact in 2018.

Our Impact Model

This is a visual representation of the intended outcomes for every participant who attends our programmes. It represents the holistic and integrated nature of the outcomes that participants experience. It is unlikely, for example, that confidence and resilience happen in isolation from a sense of belonging. Each programme has benefits unique to each individual, and a strength of our programme design is that it allows for a student-centred approach - each participant is at the heart of what we do. We work towards individual growth, that will ultimately benefit the school or whānau and community our participants return to after our programmes. This growth is likened to the the growth rings of a tree, which builds strength, developing ‘leaves’ of positive outcomes as each individual flourishes under our guidance.

whenua iti outcomes model

Programme Outcomes


Confidence & Resilience

Participants have the chance to overcome a range of challenges, be it mental, physical or emotional in a safe and supportive environment, building resilience & confidence, proving to themselves that they are capable of adapting to change.

social connection

Social Connection & Belonging

Shared experiences in
the outdoors form strong bonds and lasting friendships, without distractions from technology. Activities chosen for programmes encourage teamwork, leadership and community connection to develop a sense of purpose & belonging.


Learning, Skills & Knowledge

Experiential learning in the outdoors improves learner confidence, skills and knowledge. We are NZQA accredited to support classroom learning and can offer NCEA assessments for transferable & practical skills needed for employment and particpants’ future.

nature connection

Nature Connection

Immersed in wilderness settings, participants learn both Western and te ao Māori perspectives of te taiao. This opens up new ways of thinking, deepens an understanding & connection to this land and promotes wellbeing & kaitiakitanga.

health & wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing

Being active in the outdoors, away from devices in a supportive & safe setting that enables social connection is the ultimate boost for participants’ wellbeing. They will leave feeling more confident, capable and able to accept life’s challenges.

Hāpaitia te ara tika pūmau ai te rangatiratanga mō ngā uri whakatipu

Foster the pathway of knowledge to strength, independence and growth for future generations.

Social Impact Report

As part of an on-going evaluation process we find ways to measure the impact of Whenua Iti Outdoors. You can read our findings in this report.

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