Win a prize with WIO during Get Outdoors Week!

by Bree Arnott

Get Outdoors Week runs from 14th – 22nd November, and to celebrate getting outdoors, Whenua Iti are giving away a Macpac pack for your next adventure.

From the 14th of November we will be hiding 3 caches around some of our favourite outdoors spots in the Motueka area that can be accessed by families so you can go on a treasure hunt. We will give you the location, clues & coordinates to help you find them.

How to enter:

  1. Find one of the caches following the clues below.
  2. Copy the code you find in the cache.
  3. Send us an email with the codes you find to go in the draw. Each code gets you one entry, so find all 3 and you get 3 entries in the draw!

Email to: [email protected]

The Clues:

Clue 1:

Enter Thorpe’s bush, turn right toward a patch of Totara trees. The box is hidden in the roots of a tree.
(Grid reference: 010484)

Clue 2:

Head to the Salt Pools. Walk down towards the pool, when you reach the start of the deck cut off to the right onto the beach. Look for the first slab of concrete and the box is tucked away under there.
(Grid reference: 019462)

Clue 3: 

Under the Motueka bridge, It is on the pillar under the 2nd low clearance sign.
(Grid reference: 007511)

What does the cache look like? 

We have hidden waterproof containers with the Whenua Iti logo on the top. They should be easy enough to find!

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