EOTC Activities

The team at Whenua Iti Outdoors have put together some Primary School EOTC video resources for teachers and whānau. We hope you find them a useful addition to the learning opportunities  you are providing your tamariki.

The activities involve being active, learning new skills, taking a break from screens and having fun, as well as finding ways to maintain well being.

If you have questions you can contact us on [email protected]

bowline knot used in tramping rockclimbing and outdoor skills
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Our instructors will take you through a range of activities that require minimal resources for completing at school or at home. Each activity is designed to take about 30-60mins to complete.


Mindfulness is such an important skill to learn for children in an increasingly hectic and sometimes stressful world. Joe takes you through some simple exercises you can do to be still in the moment and start your mindfulness practice.

Shelter Building

Joe introduces you to a special word that will help you to build an awesome shelter to survive the night, and hopefully the rain! He has a little help from his friends "Survival Man" and Laura. These are great skills for taking into the outdoors on your next adventure.

Bike Skills

Johnny takes you through a series of bike skills you can do in your backyard that will get you prepared to hit the trails! You will need your bike, a helmet (of course), a length of rope, some obstacles & your balance!

Map Skills

Johnny introduces you to the basics of map skills and how to read the scale of a map, use a key and have a go at drawing maps of different scales, with a treasure hunt (or 3!) as well.

Want to find out more about a programme or have a question for us? Talk to one of our friendly team - we're happy to help.